Hi there, I'm Danielle!

I am a certified Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Entrepreneur, thriving on a plant-based lifestyle. My mission is to provide my clients with the necessary tools to help them ditch the scale, stop counting calories and thrive with healthy habits that are realistic to help them become the best version of themselves. My goal is to help my clients reach a place of love and acceptance of themselves.

Before changing careers and getting my certification, I was definitely not living the best version of myself. Starting at the age of 15, I struggled with body dysmorphia, disordered eating and surrounded myself with like-minded people who never treated themselves the right way. I struggled with acne, depression, anxiety and felt extremely lost, which in turn led me to binge drinking on the weekends, and using food for comfort.

For most of my 20’s, I realized I had no idea who I was, what I wanted for myself and had no direction. I am not here to put blame on anyone, or even myself. Everyone’s journey to self- discovery is different. I fell into a few jobs that were certainly not for me, but the money was too good to pass up and provided an illusion of stability until I realized this life was no longer serving me.

I constantly found myself reading and educating myself on all things health, wellness and nutrition related, when one day, it just clicked. I knew the current path I was on was not for me and I enrolled myself in IIN (the Institute of Integrative Nutrition) to become a Health Coach. I have always been quite intuitive and always want to help my loved ones, so I knew this was the right start. I started to see a shift in my mindset and got real with myself, learning that the more honest you are with yourself, the more you begin to really understand and love yourself.

Now, as a a certified Holistic Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach, I’ve been able to help hundreds of women become the best versions of themselves, collectively losing hundreds of pounds without counting calories, with a focus on plant-based living.

Although I was unsure of my purpose for many years, I am so grateful for it. It led to me where I am today and gave me the tools and skillset necessary to relate to my clients and understand their challenges. It gives me a stronger sense of empathy, compassion and patience.

I believe that with a spiritual practice, the right nutrition program, meaningful movement, joining The Built To Last Community,  a community of hundreds of women supporting and joining you on the journey (the ULTIMATE accountability), you’ll be able to change your life for the better with HABITS that last. Together, we will take time to practice self-love and come to understand that you have the ability thrive in life, sustain healthy habits and live the life you were meant to live!

Team Built To Last

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Every month I enroll for new clients to get started on their health and fitness journey with me. The Sweat Studio is about overall wellness, self love, confidence, and community!

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