Stefanie Rainer

“I was initially drawn to Danielle because of her authenticity. Her dedication to herself and her team is what inspires me every single day. She gave me all of the tools I needed, the most important one being the belief in myself that I could succeed. Two years later and 40 lbs less, I am lucky to call Danielle my mentor and friend.”

Allie Daponte

“Danielle is such an amazing support, inspiration and friend. Danielle came into my life when I honest to god needed her the most. I longed for a way out of my job, and desperately wanted to feel good in my own skin. Before I connected with Danielle, I was going to the gym for 2 hours daily and seeing little to no results. I would binge eat every night and then look at myself in the mirror and cry. This went on for months until I met Danielle.

Danielle opened up my world to this amazing opportunity and community, that changed my life in more ways then I thought. Going into this, I expected nothing. I didn’t know whether or not this was even real, but Danielle was with me every step of the way. Danielle eased me into this and made me feel comfortable from the very beginning until present.

She was always there for me to answer all my questions and never once made me feel uncomfortable, even though I didn’t know her.She pushed me beyond my comfort zone and never let me settle for anything less than she knew I was capable of. And on the days when I wanted to throw in the towel, she was always there to throw that towel back at me.

She has given me an ultimate reset on my life, she has given me community, the opportunity to learn how to dream, hope, believe and grow again. I am eternally grateful for her NEVER giving up on me, and believing in me more than I believed in myself some days. I am so grateful that she connected with me on social media that day, and I’m grateful she is one of my best friends.

I wouldn’t have ever made it this far in my mental and physical growth without Danielle. So thank you babe for all that you’ve done for me, you have no idea how thankful I am for you in my life. Thank you for helping me, because the person I am today is not only better for me, but it’s better for my friends, relationship and my family and everyone around me.

Bianca Triantafillou

“Danielle is probably the most passionate person I know and she puts that passion into everything she does, whether it be her job or mastering shuffling, she’s passionate about every client she takes on, no matter what their story and will put in the work to make sure they succeed, see results and start seeing the light and fire that was in them all along! When I joined her team, my light had almost completely gone out. I had gained about 50 pounds in 6 months. I was in a deep depression and could barely get out of bed in the morning. I was the most miserable human to be around.

I saw Danielle on instagram and her passion and fire was coming through the phone. I was drawn to her and couldn’t look away and impulsively signed up. I didn’t think i was going to actually do the workouts but she never gave up on me since the moment I signed up to today, 8 months later and 30lbs lighter. She’s a star and there need to be more Danielles in the world. She brings the fight back into you where you want to be better for yourself and for all those people that depend on you. She saved my life.”

Taylor Lovick

I personally didn’t know Danielle when I met her, but I shortly found out she is passionate, encouraging and supportive. She is always there for me if I need help with nutrition or fitness related questions or even to encourage me when I want to reach a goal in my personal life.

Danielle takes the time out of her busy schedule to help you overcome your obstacles and look for new ways to get you out of your plateau. She gives you tough love when you need it most. Danielle holds you accountable to your dreams, your goals and the stuff no one wants to do. She has always wanted what is best for her clients.

She brings out the best in you and really helps you focus on your potential. Danielle has helped me through many life changes and has seen things that I haven’t seen in me. When I wanted to give up and revert back to my old habits, she showed me how far I have come. Danielle is the best friend and mentor I didn’t know I needed. She can be tough, but it’s all out of love. She believes in you when you don’t even believe in yourself.